Frequently Asked Questions

Curriculum and Content

MarkSharks is an interactive learning product that teaches CBSE Maths and Science though interactive experiments, 3D simulations, and exciting games. To learn more, check our About Us page.
MarkSharks teaches through experiential learning. This means that you can experience concepts for yourself by engaging with the many interactive activities embedded in each chapter. Many studies show that experiential learning boosts brain activities, which leads to greater understanding of concepts, retaining information for longer, and ultimately earn better marks! To learn more, check our features page.
MarkSharks is tool designed to build deeper conceptual understanding around topics in maths and science. We care more about you understanding and retaining knowledge. However, better understanding will lead to improved marks. MarkSharks also includes NCERT solutions exemplar papers.
Yes, MarkSharks Maths and Science curriculum is mapped completely to the CBSE board.
Currently, we offer classes 7-10 Maths and Science.
All text in MarkSharks is presented in English. However, you can switch the voiceover to Hindi.
Yes, we offer live online classes for no extra cost. If you miss a class, you can watch the recording the next day.
Yes. Download the Parent Analytics application by MarkSharks. You can keep track of your child’s usage and performance
As a parent, you only need to pay attention to two indicators: usage and performance on post-tests. Usage is an indicator of the effort put in by your child. Post-test scores will indicate your child’s performance. If your child’s usage is too low, they will likely struggle on post-tests.

Technical and Troubleshooting

MarkSharks is available on the Google Play Store. Download your class and select “sign up” to register. You will need a valid phone number and Gmail ID to register.
Yes. You can visit our “Helpful Resources” page, where we have included many documents to help you get started with the app.
You can also contact us. We are happy to help!
After logging for the first time, you can use MarkSharks offline. However, if you would like to use the School Quiz, you must be connected to Internet.
No. You must be connected to the internet to download chapters.
No. You must be connected to the internet to download chapters.
You child should spend a minimum of two hours a week on MarkSharks
Yes, when you download and register, you will receive a seven day free trial before deciding to purchase a subscription
No, MarkSharks is only available on Android devices.
Yes. You must download a program called Bluestacks first (available for both PC and Mac). After downloading Bluestacks, you can use MarkSharks on your computer.
To register, you must have a valid Gmail ID.

For Educators

You should download Bluestacks, a free online program that allows you to use an Android device from your computer. Then download MarkSharks from Bluestacks, after which you can present MarkSharks to your students on a projector or computer screen.
You have many different options. You can use MarkSharks in a flipped classroom scenario where you assign them chapters from the app as homework and then you can use your next class to go over doubts. Alternatively, you can go through the chapters together in class. Ultimately, it is your choice as an educator because you know your students best?
The School Quiz is a feature that allows you to instantaneously create, give, grade, and analyze assessments. To learn more, visit For Schools page.