We strive to make learning as easy as possible. We also recognizing that the whole family can be involved in learning. We have included a variety of resources to help you track your progress and improve your studying habits.

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Interactive live classes that actively engage students using games, simulations, puzzles, and experiments


  • Experienced tutors that lead classes by guiding students through activities and questions on the MarkSharks app
  • Tutors that can motivate students, clarify doubts, and explore problem solving new strategies
  • Learning by doing – students spend more time experiencing concepts and solving problems on their mobile devices and less time listening to lectures

Advanced Analytics

Analytics are important for keeping track of student progress. MarkSharks provides easy to read data reports so you can determine where to focus your efforts to achieve your educational goals.


  • User Analytics is a tool in the MarkSharks app allow students to analyze data on their own usage and performance. This will help you access on your own where you can improve
  • Analytics for Marksharks is a separate app that parents can download to keep track of their child’s usage and performance. Even if you cannot teach the concepts yourself, this app allows you to provide guidance to your child on where they should focus their time and energy

MarkSharks Live Classes

Best Teaching methodology in every session.

We have expert tutors who specialize in Maths and Science to give you individual support on demand. You can reach out to us over the phone or via email and you’ll get your queries resolved within 24 hours! We’ve just added online classes to MarkSharks. Our academic tutors provide lesson by lesson classes for Maths and Science.

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Maths Classes

for 7th to 10th


Science Classes

for 7th to 10th

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Features Helpful for Students


Revision Tool

After you have already gone through the chapters, use the revision tool to sharpen up on concepts where you still have doubts. Each entry provides helpful illustrations, explanations, equations, and links back to the original teaching screens in the chapter.

Post Test

Students can take the post-test as many times are necessary. After spending some time revising concepts, take the post-test again to measure your improvement.


Tutors and Support Team

When you have a doubt that you cannot figure out, whether it is technical or academic, you can always reach out to our team and we will be happy to help you as quickly as possible.