An interactive eLearning product that teaches Maths and Science through exciting games, 3D simulations, and immersive experiments!

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Our Offerings


The MarkSharks app is our core product. This hands-on learning app teaches Maths and Science through interactive experiments, 3D simulations, and exciting games.

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Live Classes

MarkSharks Live Classes connect students to experienced tutors. Students will learn new problem solving strategies and clarify any doubts they have about specific topics.

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MS Classroom

MS ClassRoom is a premium live class platform that enables students to engage with the MarkSharks app while also receiving guidance from experienced tutors. A step up from our basic Live Classes offering, students are actively using the app while they attend these classes.

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Why MarkSharks

The Best Way to Learn

Learn concepts by experiencing them for yourself. Experiential learning boosts brain activity. This helps you understand concepts better, retain information for longer, and ultimately earn better marks!

Quality Content

We teach the toughest study material as simply as possible. We survey the syllabus and identify any possible gaps in teaching that students may face. Our app fills those gaps in so that you can reach your highest potential.

E-Classes and Experienced Tutors

We have expert tutors who specialize in Maths and Science to give you individual support on demand. They lead interactive sessions to give you guidance and help you use MarkSharks optimally.

Preparing You for the Future

MarkSharks teaches you how to self-study – a skill that all toppers have! In the short term you will see your marks in Maths and Science increase. But you will benefit most in the long term as we sharpen the skills you need to succeed.

Higher Marks

Students who have used MarkSharks for over 2 hours a week have consistently gotten better marks in exams. Studies show that learning by doing can improve your marks by 20% or more in assessments.

Robust Support System

When you buy MarkSharks, you buy more than just an app; you buy a support network. Our counselors constantly check in with each of our students to understand their experience, and accelerate their progress.


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Our online classes combine the best of a school classroom, coaching centre and private tuition.